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Residential, Retail and Industrial Service

Petro Mechanics has been installing and servicing commercial and residential petroleum equipment in northern New Jersey since the 1960's.Our customers include big oil, municipalities,airports, agricultural fueling facilities, companies with multiple gas stations, and even single stations. We also remove and install home oil tanks. This diversity has allowed us to become familiar with a large amount of equipment related to the petroleum industry. If it has been around over the last 40 years someone on our staff has more than likely worked with it. We perform repair service, installation of equipment, testing, and training.

If your looking for any type of repair service or installation of new equipment at a fueling facility or gas station in New Jersey please contact us for answers to your questions and a quotation for the job. We get called all the time with projects which were not completed properly and cannot pass inspection.

Do you own a gas station or manage a group of gas stations? Do you need 24/7 service? Petro Mechanics offers 24/7 service through our main telephone number. You will never get an answering machine even after hours. We have a live answering service which patches our calls through to our on call technicians 24 hours a day for our customers. Please keep in mind this service is only available for our customers so if you need this type of service please get your account setup during normal business hours (8am-4pm M-F).

Petro Mechanics offers a complete solution for your petroleum needs.

With over 40 years of experience Petro Mechanics is simply the best choice for service of your service station or fueling operations.Our technicians are certified by a broad range of manufacturers including Verifone, GE Wayne, Gilbarco, Veeder-Root, RedJacket, Gasboy and OPW. We are extensively insured and certified by Highland Tank, Xerxes, Containment Solutions, and other above ground (AST) and under ground (UST) storage tanks.Not only do we service and install the equipment but we also provide manufacturer warranty support. Our goal is to provide a complete solution for any of your needs where and when you need it.